Henry Rollins - Solipsist
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Henry Rollins - Solipsist

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I saw the word Solipsist while reading the dictionary in 1993. I was living
in NYC at the time and the word defined how the city made me feel. I worked
on this book in several cities all over the world until 1996. The writing is
obsessive and claustrophobic. To be solipsistic is to totally realize the ego
and the nightmare of utter self-possession. I went for it and it swallowed me whole. -- Henry Rollins

Made in USA Item #: 1HAM07
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Denise (11/27/2013)
By now I've read nearly all Rollins' books, this was most recent- I don't go in order, they are always introspectively real- a journey through gut observations that search the soul of the world & the self put together in the blunt-punk-poetic way I can relate to
Will Line (8/28/2009)
I keep coming back to this again and again. It is the type of book that you can flip to any section and find something that resonates. He will crack you up with the "titles" in bold; and then take an anvil to you with what is beneath. What makes this transcend his other work is that he wrote from the perspective of all of these different characters and personalities; but you can still find the shreds of Henry in most of them.
Brandt (8/18/2009)
Saying this book changed my life if like saying Hank has some tattoos: the statement doesn't do it justice. If you'd like to be uplifted and inspired, simultaneously downtrodden and despaired, check this out. Insect.
Matt (7/29/2012)
Words of power. Words that encapsulate the madness of living inside the metropolis - 'Solipsist' is among Rollins' best work.
Alvaro (1/16/2012)
Absolutely interesting book. Get's better each page your read!