Henry Rollins - Occupants
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Henry Rollins - Occupants

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Occupants pairs Rollins' visceral full-color photographs taken in Bangladesh, Burma, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Northern Ireland, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and elsewhere over the last few years—with writings that not only provide context and magnify the impact of the images but also lift them to the level of political commentary. Simply put, this book is a visual testimony of anger, suffering, and resilience that will help its readers realize what is so easy to miss when tragedy and terror become numbing, constant forces—the quieter, stronger forces of healing, solidarity, faith and even joy. Item #: 1HAM35BOOK
Hello, I wanted to take a moment, actually, since what I wanted to tell you about took so long to make, this might take more than a moment.

Many years ago, I started working on a collection of photographs for eventual publication. I do a lot of traveling and as much as I write when I am in these places, a photograph speaks a different language, so I started hauling camera gear around with me everywhere I went and documented moments as best as I could.

At some point, I upgraded my gear and took a lesson from a woman named Maura on basics and eventually started shooting in manual.

As I traveled and took more photographs I came to the conclusion that the book had to be more than merely a collection of images. If you are a real photographer, you could perhaps get away with that but not me. I am not a photographer, just someone with a lot of visas in his passport and a camera on his shoulder. The last thing I wanted was for someone to think I was being pretentious. I thought about what I could do to make the book be more time intensive on my part, so there would be more for the person who endeavored to get the book. I came to the conclusion that I would write something for each photo. In fact, I would write two things; an impression of the photograph and a caption that provided more of the practical information about where the image was captured, etc.

The writing was difficult and there was a lot of it to do. I committed myself to completing the project and eventually, it was finished. It ended up being one of the most time intensive projects I have ever put myself though. Not only was the writing tasking but I had to teach myself how to process photographs. The learning curve was pretty steep on that part of it but I think I did ok.

I decided to call the book Occupants. I figure that's what we are. We get some time on the planet and that's it.

I have never done a book like Occupants before, we are very excited about this one.

- Henry
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Joe Q (5/21/2013)
Henry Rollins should be President of the World, though I'm sure he wouldn't like to have that burden placed upon him. He'd much rather spend his time traveling around and cramming his head with all of the knowledge it can hold as opposed to dealing with diplomatic issues and kicking the world's butt into incredible shape. "Occupants" is an incredible exploration of today's countries and conflicts. If the images that Rollins took aren't palpable as they are, the words on the pages are sure to make the reading experience even more tangible. I've had my share of jaw-dropping and eye opening book readings, but this one really takes the cake. Rollins is extraordinary.
Em (3/5/2013)
I was thinking the writing would be more individual to the photos. Instead, it reads like a manifesto. It’s a good, hard slap in the face against the entities that commit atrocities in the name of greed, mainly America. I found myself scouring each picture to try to understand what, exactly, I was looking at. What made him take that particular picture? What was happening to the people, and how did it make them feel? It was pleasantly surprising to find conventional captions at the end of the book. It is definitely worth checking out.
Gill Paton (11/5/2011)
Stop The Press! Stop what you are doing and go out and BUY THIS BOOK. Every single household, school, youth club and library need this book. The raw power and brutal honesty of the photographs is matched by the cutting truisms that most are too scared to print. Thank you Henry Rollins. The world needs you to help to keep things in perspective. I applaud you for enduring the miseries of life and reporting it all so sincerely. I cannot put this book down. Some of it is really hard to take - but that is the entire point. It forces you out of your safe, squishy comfort zone and throws the harshness of real, technicoloured life right into your face. Pure brilliance. We can all afford to do more for each other. These harsh realities will never go away just because we choose to hide under our bed covers. This book has made me re-evaluate what I do in my life to make a difference. I may be alone in the world , but, I have never been nor, will I ever be selfish. I know better. So does this author - and so do you. Put down your Nintendo and start to make a difference in your way. Congratulations Mr R, I hope you are ready for the deserved award nominations this book is sure to bring. This book has made me a better person. Gilly P, Scotland.