Henry Rollins - Everything
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Henry Rollins - Everything

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I wanted to integrate some additional sounds to the mix on this recording. I brought in jazz greats Charles Gayle (saxophone, violin, and piano) and Radhied Ali (the drummer who played with John Coltrane from 1966 until Coltrane's passing in 1967). Charles read the piece and lead the two of them according to how the book made him feel. The music is brilliant, stark, and intense. -- Henry Rollins (2-CD Set) Item #: 1HCD02
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Michael Wildt (10/22/2012)
Brutal. Intense. Harrowing. Only these are the sort of violent, dangerous terms can describe this two-disc tour de brute force. The brilliant jazz backing turns the words Rollins contemptuously spits out into a delirious neo-noir horror show. I bought this to keep me sharp during a two hour midnight drive across Germany to visit an old friend. White knuckling the wheel, blowing through an ancient forest at a hundred miles an hour while listening to Henry's thoughts on race, poverty, the police, and the apocalypse? That's one way I can think of to spend a few hours.
Matt (10/15/2011)
If the Dark Knight himself had a running commentary on society, this would be it. Everything is a writer's dream-scape: Livid and vibrant Rollins paints the world better than any post-modern writer I've read. Excellent running commentary/sociology emphasis. I recommend this to any student or writer.