Henry Rollins - Everything
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Henry Rollins - Everything
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I wanted to integrate some additional sounds to the mix on this recording. I brought in jazz greats Charles Gayle (saxophone, violin, and piano) and Radhied Ali (the drummer who played with John Coltrane from 1966 until Coltrane's passing in 1967). Charles read the piece and lead the two of them according to how the book made him feel. The music is brilliant, stark, and intense. -- Henry Rollins (2-CD Set)
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Michael Wildt (10/22/2012)

Brutal. Intense. Harrowing. Only these are the sort of violent, dangerous terms can describe this two-disc tour de brute force. The brilliant jazz backing turns the words Rollins contemptuously spits out into a delirious neo-noir horror show. I bough ... more >

Matt (10/15/2011)

If the Dark Knight himself had a running commentary on society, this would be it. Everything is a writer's dream-scape: Livid and vibrant Rollins paints the world better than any post-modern writer I've read. Excellent running commentary/sociology ... more >
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Henry Rollins - Nights Behind The Tree Line
A few months ago, I was in London, England and was asked to read on a BBC Radio show. I read this thing I wrote called "No Shore II" and talked about how the piece was a homage to the great American writer Thomas Wolfe who often spoke of there being "no door." Afterwards, I got to thinking about reading a few things in the studio for release to change things up from the usual live spoken recordings I put out. So, here’s some stuff I wrote, read aloud to brave and patient engineer Brian on the afternoons of September 16 & 23, 2003. I hope you enjoy it. One dollar from each CD sold will be given to the Hollygrove Children’s Services here in the doomed city of Los Angeles so these kids can grow big and strong and get the hell out of this town! Thank you. -- Henry Rollins [Tracks 1-5 from the book Solipsist, Tracks 6-15 previously unreleased, Track 16 from the book Broken Summers, all written by Henry Rollins.]
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Henry Rollins - Talk Is Cheap Vol. 4
Here we go again! This CD set documents the 2004 tour. The show happened at San Jose State Univ. in Northern California. A great crowd and I am glad it was the night we recorded. In the tradition of the last three volumes of Talk is Cheap, the CDs are long and low on edits and cost and of course, one dollar from each CD will be donated to Hollygrove in Los Angeles, CA (a home for abused and neglected children, www.hollygrove.org). The tour ended up being 91 shows and ended at the University of California at Bakersfield October 21st of 2004. Thanks for showing up, it was a great time I had out there with you. I hope you enjoy the show. The children of Hollygrove thank you too. -- Henry Rollins
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Henry Rollins - Live At The Westbeth Theater
A Saturday night in New York City with Henry, as recorded live at the Westbeth Theater in December of 1999. (2-CD Set)
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Henry Rollins - Sweatbox
Sweatbox was a low budget, high ambition project. Originally it was a three LP set that I lugged by the box load on early talking tours. Eventually it hit CD on Quarter Stick where it resided happily for many years. Now, we're remastering and re-releasing all the early material on 213, upgrading sonically with ace engineer Phil Klum at the helm and adding tracks when we can. The previous Sweatbox is missing one track off the original LP. It was recorded in Budapest, Hungary where I was asked to read for some students before the Rollins Band show that night. Anyway, we added it on this version as an extra track at the end of disc 2. If it's too awful for you, you can always just hit stop! At least the set will be slightly more definitive. Also, it's great to have Phil Klum go over these tapes and do all that can be done to clean them up and even out the levels. Definitely what a re-release should be all about. I hope you like these ancient recordings. -- Henry Rollins
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Henry Rollins - Talk Is Cheap Vol. 3
Another talking record from Sydney, Australia? What, is Sydney the only place in the world to record? Well, no but the Enmore is a swell theater and it’s always a two to three night stand and Randy makes high quality recordings there and so it works out. On the 2003 tour, I happened to be at the Enmore two years later to the day that we did Talk is Cheap Vol. 1 so it was too conceptually cool to not record. You can gather that Talk is Cheap Vols. 1 & 2 were recorded April 23 & 24 of 2001 and in the tradition of the earlier installments of the recurring bloviating nightmare, not a great deal of editing was done. Holding with tradition, one dollar from each copy of this set sold will go Hollygrove Children’s Services in Los Angeles CA. Thanks to your patronage of this series and other CD releases on the 2.13.61 label, we have been able to send Hollygrove in excess of $10,000 dollars at the time of this writing. We have kept the price at ten bucks even in these times of inflation. Why? Because talk is cheap and we’re all judged by what we do, not what we say. Again and again, I thank you. -- Henry Rollins
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Henry Rollins - Talk Is Cheap Vol. 2
Welcome back to the mouth that never shuts. The second night at the Enmore Theater. More stories, bile and ranting diatribes from your graying, limping philosophic misanthropic curmudgeon. In case you didn't read the liner notes from volume one of this set, your patronage of this two-CD set just liberated a dollar to Hollygrove in Los Angeles, CA (a home for abused and neglected children, www.hollygrove.org . Nice one! I like this two CDs for ten bucks deal. You never know, there may be more of this kind of thing coming. Stay tuned and thanks for checking me out. -- Henry Rollins
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Henry Rollins - Live @ McCabe's
On June 9 & 10 1990, I shard the McCabe's stage with Exene Cervenka and Hubert Selby, Jr. As I remember is was a good time. Thanks for listening. -- Henry Rollins Track Listing: 1. Exhaustion 2. Misunderstanding 3. I Wish Someone Had Told Me 4. Travel Tips
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Henry Rollins - A Rollins In The Wry
Rollins spoken word show recorded live Spring 1999 at Luna Park, Los Angeles, CA. Track Listing: 1. Intro 2. Death To Poets 3. Journal 4. Clintonese 5. Language 6. Never Again 7. The United Colors Of West LA 8. Rite Aid 9. Israel 10. Maturity 11. Men In Make Up 12. Future Parents 13. Encore From liner notes: I remember cold water being splashed on my face and the harsh light of a bare bulb burning my eyes. I tried to cover my eyes but couldn’t move my hands; I looked down and saw that they had been duct-taped to the arms of a chair. I immediately relaxed; it was just another “meeting with management.” My manager, Richard “he’ll do it” Bishop, spoke from behind the glare, “My Gulfstream needs new carpeting. I have booked a series of talking shows for you at Luna Park here in town. You will appear one night a week for the next nine weeks. This will be good for you, a local artist playing locally, that kind of thing. These stiffs will think you really care. What a joke.” “But Mr. Bishop,” I replied, “I’m tired from the nonstop touring and all the work I’ve been doing on your property lately. With the 16 hour days pruning your orange groves and picking grapes in your vineyards, I am totally exhausted. Please, I’m low on material, let me rest.” I heard a short laugh and saw my manager jerk his head to one side. A large shape moved to my left, I caught the back of a hand hard across my face. “You’ll do what I say, when I say or I’ll move that cardboard box you’re living in further downtown. Get this trash out of my office!” I was, chair and all, removed from the office and hurled out onto the street, signaling the end of the meeting. The resulting CD is taken from a few of the aforementioned nights at the wonderful Luna Park. Thanks for listening. -- Henry
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Henry Rollins - Big Ugly Mouth / Short Walk On A Long Pier
Welcome to the re-issue of my first attempts at a talking record release. For the re-release of Big Ugly Mouth, I figured I would embarrass myself totally and include my first ever talking release Short Walk On a Long Pier. It was initially a cassette only release and it took all the money I had. Later, a short run was made on LP in Canada and then it went out of print. So here it is again, first time on CD. It’s just awful. I figured if I put it in for free you couldn’t get too mad about how wretched it is. As for Big Ugly Mouth, we sent it to engineer supreme Phil Klum to even out the levels of the tracks and clear it up some so it should sound better this time around. Enjoy . . . or something. Thanks -- Henry
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Henry Rollins - Think Tank
CD #1 is from a show I did on my birthday at The House of Blues in Chicago. I always try to do something interesting and fun on my birthday. (In 1997 I was in Bangkok--no show, but I caught a good sunset.) I picked Chicago because it's always a great time there. CD #2 is culled from shows I did in Australia in October 1997. The audiences are tremendous there. I tried to balance the two discs. The first is a faster-paced run; the second is a more settled-in storytelling pace. The name came from a cover idea. I had this image of students in a classroom with thought balloons over their heads with a tank in it--a think tank. I figured it would be a good cover because the visual is so over the top and exaggerated, much like the record. The name "Think Tank" just stuck. So, no, I didn't call the album "Think Tank" because I regard my brain as some great intellectual engine, or because I perceive these shows as a higher-learning experience. They're a good time, and that's all. -- Henry Rollins
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