Henry Rollins - Big Ugly Mouth / Short Walk On A Long Pier
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Henry Rollins - Big Ugly Mouth / Short Walk On A Long Pier

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Welcome to the re-issue of my first attempts at a talking record release. For the re-release of Big Ugly Mouth, I figured I would embarrass myself totally and include my first ever talking release Short Walk On a Long Pier. It was initially a cassette only release and it took all the money I had. Later, a short run was made on LP in Canada and then it went out of print. So here it is again, first time on CD. It’s just awful. I figured if I put it in for free you couldn’t get too mad about how wretched it is. As for Big Ugly Mouth, we sent it to engineer supreme Phil Klum to even out the levels of the tracks and clear it up some so it should sound better this time around. Enjoy . . . or something. Thanks -- Henry Item #: 1HCD05
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Andrew Jacobs (3/3/2010)
When it comes to spoken word, nobody does it better than Rollins.
Matthew H Camp (12/8/2011)
Great decision to re-release this album. All the key elements of Rollins' spoken word style can be found on Big Ugly Mouth: the anger, the comedy, the story-telling, the unblinking look at life, the lessons to put a little more kindness, care, integrity, and thought into your daily life. To say Big Ugly Mouth changed my life when I first heard it at age 16 may be an overstatement, but it's not far from the truth. For the first time, I realized someone else shared my difficult experiences and emotions, and that gave me strength and reassurance. Every young person who ever felt alientated, alone, awkward, or angry with the world they were born into should receive a copy of this album - and that's just about every adolescent that ever lived! Even as "quarter century man," Rollins was already cutting through the b.s. to give us straight talk on the real deal. Thank you for including the "Short Walk" album! It isn't easy to find that anymore!
Doctor B (3/26/2011)
I found a used CD copy of the original CD issue of Big Ugly Mouth in a used record shop about two years ago. This is Henry cutting his storyteller baby-teeth. It's a little disjointed but the Rollins wit is very much in evidence, with a little youthful piss and vinegar tossed into the mix for good measure. I'm looking forward to hearing Short Walk for the first time!